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Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri
Pejabat Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri
Tingkat 20 , Wisma Bapa Malaysia
Petra Jaya, 93502 Kuching

Tel  :+6082-441957
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Director's Message Director Human Resource Unit

Director's Message Director Human Resource Unit

On April 2015, we have change our name from Human Resource Management unit to State Human Resource Unit. The rebranding is inline with our new vision to Lead in Human Capital Transformation and our mission Together we drive the workforce in the civil service to be world class. We have crafted several strategies in transforming our human capital: -

•    providing development opportunities for all
•    programmes that are designed and developed for growing and nurturing talents
•    building SCS leaders through a structured talent and leadership development programs
•    structured career development pathways
•    comprehensive human capital planning
•    adopt best practices on Talent Management
•    humanizing our services through a more engaged HR Unit
•    improved HR services through improving HR processes and response time
•    improved our HR governance by activating all the State HR Panels
•    looking for innovative approach and solutions in mitigating issues and challenges
•    developed comprehensive and reliable data by having integrated HR system and central database
•    smart partnership with our State Stakeholders and Customers

we would like to acknowledge the commitment and participation of all our strategic partners, PSC team, State HR Panels, CMM team, JPA, Head of Departments from state and federal agencies, Institutes of Higher Learning nationwide and Public Governance International (PGI). 

“Your commitment and participation will make a difference.”

“Together we drive the workforce in the Civil Service to be world class”

Datu William Patrick Nyigor
State Human Resource Unit,
Chief Minister’s Department