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Kemaskini Pada: 9 04 2019
Versi 8.2.0a
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SCS Government employee Management System(GEMS)
  • IMPIAN will be replaced by the Government Employees Management System (GEMS). It is a state-wide interconnected enterprise solution that will harmonise and standardise the human resource management procedures of the Sarawak State Government.

  • GEMS will improve and streamline the current business processes in human resource management and provide an integrated process-driven solution. It will automate all the major processes in the HR management cycle, from Post Management, Recruitment, Onboarding, Performance Management, Training & Development, Career Management, Benefits & Facilities and Exit.

  • All these processes will take from and feed into an integrated HR database, with the ultimate aim of making it a comprehensive central repository of HR data. This will not only be used for operational management but also support HR planning and decision making through an Executive Information System (EIS).