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Managing Culture Change



Creating a culture change in the Service requires smart and close partnership between all state agencies. Therefore, Human Resource Champion (HRC) will be responsible to ensure that their respective organizations are committed in planning, implementing, monitoring and reporting of Culture Change programs based on the operational framework designed by the Managing Culture Change (MCC) team.

To ensure the Managing Culture Change was properly understood to all levels of staff, this kit was develop as a guide for HRC and State agencies in driving and managing Culture Change within their respective organizations.

This kit provides the framework on how 6 core values that is Integrity, Kind and Caring, Professionalism, Sense of Urgency & Ownership, Team Spirit and Result-Oriented can be practice and implemented more effectively at individual and agency level.

This kit provide the framework on how 6 core values i.e. Integrity, Kind & Caring, Professionalism, Sense of Urgency & Ownership, Team Spirit and Result-Oriented can be practiced and implemented more effectively at Individual and agency level.