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Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri
Pejabat Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri
Tingkat 20 , Wisma Bapa Malaysia
Petra Jaya, 93502 Kuching

Tel  :+6082-441957
Fax :+6082-441677

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About Us

Our Background

Sarawak is a multi-racial, multi-religious and multi-cultural State comprises of more than 30 ethnic groups and a population of 2.6 million people. The religious affairs of the Muslims are being taken care by Jabatan Agama Islam Sarawak (JAIS) and Majlis Agama Islam Sarawak (MAIS). There is no specific government agency looking after the affairs of Non-Muslims in Sarawak. 

Therefore, Unit for Other Religious (UNIFOR) was established on April 27, 2017, as a new unit in the Chief Minister's Department under the portfolio of Sarawak Deputy Chief Minister Yang Berhormat Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah Embas. UNIFOR is headed by Datu Dr Ngenang Anak Jangu who is appointed Director.

The establishment of UNIFOR as a State Government agency is the brainchild of former Sarawak Chief Minister Pehin Sri Adenan Satem who is responsible for regulating policies to promote inter-religious harmony while evaluating, proposing and formulating policies, laws and regulations related to non-religious matters Islam in Sarawak. 

UNIFOR will be the basis for applications for funds and land for the construction of new churches or temples or repairs.

The stakeholders of UNIFOR include the following:

Association of Churches Sarawak (ACS)
Anglican Church
Roman Catholic Church
Methodist Chinese Church
Methodist Iban Church
Seventh-Day Adventist Mission
Borneo Evangelical Mission (SIB)
Sarawak Baptist Church
Sarawak Blessed Church
Spiritual Assembly of Baha'i Sarawak
Salvation Army
Malaysian Buddhist Sarawak Branch
Malaysian Hindu Sangam Sarawak Branch
Sarawak Sikh Temple Association
Spiritual Assembly of Bahai’s Sarawak
Sai Baba Centre
Sarawak Evangelical Christian Association (SECA)
Other small Independent churches
Other religions/ Beliefs


(i) Policy formulation
To evaluate, propose and formulate policies, laws and regulations with regard to non-Islamic religious affairs in the state (eg. policy guidelines for registration under the Missionary Societies Ordinance, chap. 106 etc);
(ii) Funding: Construction and Maintenance of Religious Buildings
To request for fund from the State and Federal Government for the construction and maintenance of religious buildings and other related infrastructures;
(iii) Siting Application
To receive and process all siting applications for the sites for religious buildings, burial sites etc. for further submission to the respective Divisional Superintendent Land and Survey for further action;
(iv) Standard Operating Procedures
To develop the Standard Operating Procedure: 

(a) For the processing and approval of fund for the construction and maintenance of religious buildings and other related infrastructures; and 
(b) For the processing of siting applications for the sites for religious buildings, burial sites etc.;

(v) Inter-religious and inter-cultural harmony activities
To organise and coordinate inter-religious and inter-cultural activities for the promotion of peace, harmony and understanding amongst people of different religious beliefs in Sarawak
(vi) Religious issues and conflicts

To study and resolve religious issues or conflicts amicably through administrative arrangement to avoid any confrontation

(vii) Focal point
To act as a Focal Point for the various religious bodies to liaise and interact with the State or Federal Government agencies;
(viii) As Secretariat to UNIFOR Religious Advisory Council
(Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism Sikhism, Bahai etc.)
(ix) As Secretariat to Inter-Religious Council
(Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism Sikhism, Bahai, Sai Baba etc.)
(x) As Secretariat to the Board of Trustees of the Sarawak Unit For Other Religions Charitable Trust