Ministry Seeking Court Order On Child Abuse Victim — Fatimah
Tarikh : 10 Aug 2018

Dato Sri Fatimah Abdullah

KUCHING: The Ministry of Welfare, Community WellBeing, Women, Family and Childhood Development is in the midst of obtaining a court order to protect a five-year-old girl whose hand was broken after being allegedly beaten by her caretaker recently.

Its minister Dato Sri Fatimah Abdullah said it is of utmost importance that the victim’s welfare is looked into as soon as possible.

“Our protection officer will get a court order to protect the little girl. There is also a possibility of taking her into our care at the ‘Rumah Kanak-Kanak’,” she said when contacted yesterday.

Fatimah said according to the police, the girl’s right hand was broken after she was allegedly beaten by her caretaker using a piece of wood and that the suspect had confessed to beating the victim using her hands as well as clothes hanger.

“The police received a call from a doctor at Mukah Hospital who informed his suspicion that the victim might be abused as she was sent to the hospital (by her caretaker) bearing bruises on her face, chest, back and legs, a broken right hand as well as the peeling of skin at her private area.

“The suspect has been arrested by the police and the victim has been referred to Sibu Hospital for follow-up treatment. She is currently in stable condition and investigation is underway.”

At the moment, Fatimah said it is best to let the doctors and nurses work on her physical injuries while counsellors or child psychiatrist will help on her emotional well-being.

“Let’s pray for her speedy recovery.”

She stressed that violence towards children cannot be tolerated.

“At that tender age, they are powerless and this abuse on children has to be stopped,” she said.